Create a #MovieMonday series of social posts

Create a #MovieMonday series of social posts

Create a #MovieMonday series of social posts
Paralympics New Zealand

Estimated Time: 1 - 3 Hours Over 1 - 3 Weeks

We love movies about sportspeople with disabilities and there are 7 we want to promote on our social channels. Can you create a #MovieMonday series of social posts for us? - Copy to inspire people to watch the movie, and tell people how to access it - Graphic which is on-brand for PNZ and doesn't contravene any image rights Ultimately, we want our posts to inspire more people to follow us, and to support our cause by either donating or signing up to Kiwi Crew, the Official Supporters Club. We're open to this series being either posts or stories. They need to go on Insta and FB.

Working location

You're welcome to join us in our Parnell office, but this is not required.

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Review our existing look and feel and our brand guidelines.
Come back to us with a suggested approach and we'll give feedback early.
For the final delivery you'll supply copy and images and we'll post them.

What We Have In Place

We can provide access to our Canva Pro account, and will supply brand assets and guidelines.

Paralympics New Zealand
Paralympics New Zealand (PNZ) is the National Paralympic Committee (NPC) for New Zealand. We are a charity and our overall vision is ‘Through Para sport, lives will be transformed’. We are part of a worldwide social change movement.
What we Do
We use the power of sport to positively influence community perceptions of disabled people and to promote a more diverse and inclusive society. To do this, we support and celebrate the achievements of Para athletes at international and national competitions all year round. Every two years, we lead New Zealand Paralympic Teams to the Paralympic Games. We also work in the local community to advocate for sport to become more accessible for disabled people and to support the creation of more systems and programmes to enable participation in Para sport.