Fixes and improvements on our Shopify site

Fixes and improvements on our Shopify site

Fixes and improvements on our Shopify site
The Good Registry

Estimated Time: Over

We have a range of fixes and improvements that we need to make on our shopify site to help improve customer experience and consistency across the site, ensure we're meeting Google search requirements, and ultimately to help us increase our impact. There are a few issues we have identified, and we'd also be open to our volunteer identifying other fixes and improvements and making recommendations to us, if that's something extra you would like the opportunity to do.

Working location

We a located in Wellington but the work will be virtual so can be done from anywhere

Proposed project steps with time estimates

- Meet online with us to check we're a good a fit for each other and discuss the fixes and improvements that need to be made

- Confirm which of the fixes/improvements you are confident/keen to work on and then work through those fixes / improvements.

- If you wish to, also identify and make recommendations to us on other fixes/improvements that could be made.

NB, we have built onto Shopify with some bespoke code and some of that might be included in the work if it's within your skillset - including our own PDF receipt generator in receipt emails (which has stopped working because of a change to Shopify APIs); and hover text over product logos on this page (some of the hover text has strangely disappeared and we have a couple of new charities that we need to add hover text for).

Thank you!

What We Have In Place

Have a look at our Shopify site at 90% of our website content is hosted on Shopify but you will notice if you click onto the "registries" part of the website it goes to a seperate platform ( The registries platform is out of scope for this volunteering opportunity.

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Simplify giving, help good causes, reduce waste. The Good Registry keeps alive the spirit of giving while helping good causes and reducing waste, with simple ways to give donations instead of unwanted or unnecessary gifts.
What we Do
The Good Registry is a social giving platform where anyone from small kids to big corporates can give the gift of giving with charitable donations instead of unwanted gifts. We’re helping to make giving more simple, sustainable and kind. We have created two simple ways to give through our website: * Create your own Good Gift Registry for a special event (e.g. a wedding, a child’s birthday, a milestone birthday) and ask friends to donate to a charity you choose, instead of buying gifts. * Give Good Gift Cards instead of traditional gifts, to enable others to make donations to charities they care about.
The Good Registry