Volunteer to apply for grants for EcoNet Charitable Trust

Volunteer to apply for grants for EcoNet Charitable Trust

Volunteer to apply for grants for EcoNet Charitable Trust
EcoNet NZ

Estimated Time: 20 - 40 Hours Over 6 - 12 Months

EcoNet Charitable Trust has developed a Conservation Activity Management System (CAMS) for conservation groups. This is being continuously improved but needs more funding for licences and development. We are looking for someone passionate about the environment and who preferably has a successful track record of grant writing. Even if you have no experience but are switched on, this could be your chance to help our environment and make life easier for all the volunteers out there.

Working location


Proposed project steps with time estimates

We will give you a really good undertanding of the systems and value that EcoNet provides. You will then seek funding to implement our strategy and business plan, including funding for software licences, administration, product development, and user onboarding and support. We have a long list of potential funders, but no time to do the grant writing.

What We Have In Place

We are a well oiled volunteer team who have achieved a huge amount on a shoe string budget. We have built a customer relationship management system (CRM), mapping (GIS) system and have good administration set up. We just need funding to take the next steps to bringing on more groups, making the software shine and make a real difference for our precious environment.

EcoNet NZ
New Zealand wide
EcoNet aims to: Design, develop and deliver the IT tools and systems that conservation lacks and desperately needs.
What we Do
EcoNet collaborates with community groups, Iwi, councils and national bodies to accelerate conservation outcomes. EcoNet leads innovation in data standards and access to fit-for-purpose software for conservation.