Lease of Church for NHH Kids Care ages 5-13

Lease of Church for NHH Kids Care ages 5-13

Lease of Church for NHH Kids Care ages 5-13
Mangawhai's Helping Hands Charitable Trust

Estimated Time: 5 - 10 Hours Over 5 - 10 Hours

We have entered into negotiations with the Anglican Diocese of Auckland, the rent their building in Wellsford that has been empty for two years. The Diocese has approved our application for a lease of their building but now we need to work out the finer details. They are accepting a very low rent of $4000 a year in exchange for us delivering a schedule of work to improve the building. The improvements/renovations are on a three year schedule. We have these quotes to the value of $190,000. However we will be able to complete the work for less, this is the amount submitted. The Diocese has asked to reduce the length of the lease to 4 or 6 years instead of 9 and I need to properly assess the risks of either as a business and in terms of the renovations. They also want to include the schedule of work in the lease itself, which is a false economy as we don't hold the funds (I have made this clear from the outset) and I would have to attain grants to cover this.

Working location

Wellsford - Port Albert Road or online

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Review Lease proposal
Suggest criteria to be included
Assess risks and include fail safes
Review actual Lease from property manager

What We Have In Place

No formal agreement as yet but my proposal has been accepted by the committee. I can provide a multitude of documents to reflect this.

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