Mapping reintegration services for women coming out of prison

Mapping reintegration services for women coming out of prison

Mapping reintegration services for women coming out of prison
Celia Lashlie's Legacy

Estimated Time: 30 - 40 Hours Over 1 - 2 Months

Celia Lashlie's Legacy and Mothers Project are seeking a small team of research volunteers interested in doing an environmental scan of who the groups, people and organisations are that are involved in supporting the reintegration of women back into the community upon their release from prison. The focus is women being released from all three women's prisons in NZ - ARWCF, Arohata (includes Upper Wing at Rimutaka) and Christchurch Women's. We would like to use this information to plan a way of creating a proposal for a network of groups. We are seeking volunteers to do desk research, calls and map services. We are interested to see where the gaps in provision are and how we can use this to determine our future focus and development. We believe it would be ideal for a team or individuals working together. (which would reduce the time frames in the project steps below)

Working location

Wellington/ Virtual

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Briefing (1-2 hours): This will also involve us giving the volunteers all of the information we have about people and groups to contact. Can answer any queries during this session
Develop methodology/plan (1-2 hours) - happy for the group to do any way they think would work - but we will need to develop up a bit of context for the people that you talk to (a bit of a pitch). Some information will be publicly available, but I imagine there will be a lot of talking to people over the phone/by email. A number of these organisations will be NGOs and potentially volunteer based (they may be short on time). It may also be a good idea to talk to someone involved in reintegration at Corrections. We will be seeking to find out what currently exists as well as where people see there are gaps.
Research (20-30 hours - time frame dependent on number of volunteers) - searching on the Internet, calling and visiting groups/people.
Present information - it would be good to have something visual, but also happy with a word document or power point presentation with the information summarised and contacts listed. (4-5 hours)
Propose ways to connect/establish a network of those people involved in re-integrative services for women (or is there already something that exists?)
Identify gaps that have emerged from the research/environmental scan

What We Have In Place

Research ideas:
-Who the providers of "out the gate" services are - i.e. those that are formally contracted by Corrections to provide these services
-Groups/organisations offering support specifically to women coming out of prison
-Groups/organisations that offer support - but it may not be solely to women coming out of prison
-Whether these groups offer "through the gate" services - i.e. they connect with the women whilst they are still serving their sentences, and then continue the support "outside the wire"
-As well as identification of these groups, it would be useful to have as much information about the programmes as is publicly available - whether there are any criteria in terms of the women

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What we Do
We have a number of initiatives in the pipeline and hope to formally start these once the Trust is launched. We have a Facebook page (Celia Lashlie's Legacy) with over 5000 followers, where we post articles and thoughts on issues to do with justice, prisons, and the support of women and mothers in our communities. In addition, as a part of the launch of the film festival movie, Celia, we have started a page - "Celia's Army" ( - to inspire change in our community and for people to consider what contribution they can make.