Help drive our Social Media

Help drive our Social Media

Help drive our Social Media
Coeliac New Zealand

Estimated Time: 20 - 25 Hours Over 3 - 3 Months

CNZ currently has a great presence and engagement on Facebook, with over 6000 followers. Our Facebook page is updated regularly, and we offer competitions and give-aways to our members and followers. We also allow for advertising and promotional opportunities to our Crossed Grain logo business partners and those who carry our accreditation. Our Instagram account has a decent following but is currently inactive. We believe there is a strong potential for an effective following and are looking for a creative and driven social media intern to build this up over the course of 3 months, approx. 2-3 hrs per week.;

Working location

1A Kent Street, Newmarket, Auckland, 1149 Flexible to work at home, but regular check-up meetings at the office are required.

Proposed project steps with time estimates

• Full responsibility to maintain an active and engaging presence through our social media
• Appropriate posts will focus on creating value for and serving Coeliac members while continuing to build a follower base
• Support Coeliac New Zealand activity via social media; one of our latest projects is to promote donation to the Research Fund, which is used to raise doctor’s awareness of Coeliac disease and improve community support at a DHB level
• Opportunity to sample CGL partner’s products and promote these
• The intern will later, in discussion with the general manager, be able to exert their creativity and follow through with projects of their own
• Plan social media activity for the month in advance
• Accompany and support the general manager in client meetings relevant to social media.
• Attend weekly catch-up meetings at the New Market office for briefing and support.

More information about the role will be made available in further discussions.

What We Have In Place

Many Coeliac sufferers experience years of painful, debilitating symptoms before they are diagnosed and, because it is a hereditary disease, many must watch their children or grandchildren cope with the same symptoms. For every 70 children enjoying biscuits and cakes at birthday parties, one child will experience symptoms such as diarrhoea, vomiting or difficulty concentrating courtesy of Coeliac disease.

What we do:
• Coeliac New Zealand plays a major role in educating everyday New Zealanders about Coeliac Disease (CD) through our website, social media, annual Coeliac Awareness Week campaign, and our appearance at various food shows and events.

• We support those diagnosed with CD, dermatitis herpetiformis and gluten intolerance through resources including our helpline, support groups, regular e-newsletters, Coeliac Link magazine, social media, website, information booklets and brochures.

• We work to raise awareness and promote consistency within the medical profession through GP conferences and free membership (to medical professionals in the public sector) so they can access up-to-date information and research on the Coeliac New Zealand website.

• CNZ is partnered with Starship Hospital and the Auckland DHB and helped to develop the award-winning Regional Clinical Pathway for the assessment and management of children diagnosed with CD. The pathway won the 2015 Health Excellence Award for Community Health & Wellbeing.

• We work closely with Food Standard Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) and the Ministry of Primary Industries to advocate for improvements to gluten free food standards, labeling, packaging laws and regulations.

• CNZ provides support to the food industry on how to provide safe gluten free food choices for Coeliacs through the Accreditation Dining Out Programme. We also own the unique and internationally recognised Crossed Grain logo – a symbol that gives consumers a quick reference point when shopping for CD safe products.

Coeliac New Zealand
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OUR VISION: People with Coeliac disease are diagnosed quickly, live healthy lives and have the prospect of a cure. OUR MISSION: Engage with Coeliac NZ members and stakeholders to support and improve the health and welfare of people with Coeliac disease.
What we Do
Coeliac New Zealand is a not-for profit formed in 1973 to promote the welfare of children and adults medically diagnosed with Coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis. Coeliac New Zealand is part of a group of internationally recognised organisations that engage in supporting this demographic.