Mentor /Personal Coach Super Star Wanted

Mentor /Personal Coach Super Star Wanted

Mentor /Personal Coach Super Star Wanted
Waikato Housing And Tenant Services

Estimated Time: 20 - 24 Hours Over 6 - 6 Months

Looking for an amazing business mentor or personal development coach to help assist our organisation with the continuation of achieving organisations goals and purposes. This will be an on going role as I will be looking for guidance with business side of things as well as developing my own personal skills to be a great leader for my organisation. This is potentially 2 different volunteer roles.

Working location

Happy to meet up or chat via phone, skype or email. Our working location is Huntly, Waikato.

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Initial meeting to discuss how we work together and agree timeframe, aims/ goals. (1 hour)

This will be an ongoing project between mentor/coach and organisation. 1 hour sessions ongoing as agree with volunteer

We would be interested in weekly meetings and reviews

What We Have In Place

Currently networking with another Executive who has an a tenants protection associations organisation in Christchurch. She has been currently mentoring and guiding me through the start up process

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