Make the Mammies legit

Make the Mammies legit

Make the Mammies legit
Irish Mammies in NZ

Estimated Time: 10 - 15 Hours Over 8 - 12 Weeks

Irish Mammies in NZ are a group of over 700 Irish born women who have immigrated to NZ chasing the dream but we still need a bit of support from time to time. We help each other, support the bad times, celebrate the good and basically become a self made family with others who have experienced lives similar to our own. It's now time to make our group into a more formal organisation structure and we need your help. We think we want to be a not-for-profit community organisation with some type of ability to earn money to sustain the organisation in the future. So if you are a legend (which by volunteering you already are) who has experience with charity registration, who could guide us through the process, help us design/prepare trust deed, set of rules etc please get in touch.

Working location

The founder of the group based in Auckland but it can all be done via skype or a similar video messaging app

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Engagement with Admin team - 2 hour
Discuss options on company set up - 2 hour
Guide team through completing any relevant paperwork associated with set-up - 2 hours
Design trust deeds - 2 hours
Design Rule of engagement for the group - 2 hours
Prepare trust deed - 2 hours
Buffer time - 3 hours for any unplanned set up discussions

What We Have In Place

We are currently working in a facebook group and supported by a large number of irish organisations. We have 720 members but do not actively recruit, we are promoted via word of mouth.

Irish Mammies in NZ
Maternal Health
New Zealand wide
Supporting friendships and connections with first generation Irish Mammies living in NZ
What we Do
We are a group of first generation Irish immigrants living in New Zealand. Some of us are mothers, some of us are soon to be mothers or still just thinking about it, we are the organisers, supporters and the bringers of Craic to fellow NZ Irish who may need a touch of home to make it seem not so far away. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, taking the hand out of ourselves and each other. We recognise that everyone has their views and they may be different to our own. What we all have in common is that we were born in Ireland, and we now live permanently in NZ with our kids or the prospect of future little’uns