Want to bring more joy into Kiwi Kids lives? Then we'd love your help with our website!

Want to bring more joy into Kiwi Kids lives? Then we'd love your help with our website!

Want to bring more joy into Kiwi Kids lives? Then we'd love your help with our website!
Kiwi Kids Music

Estimated Time: 20 - 30 Hours Over 4 - 6 Weeks

We're looking for a website whizz to build and design a new website for Kiwi Kids Music. Here's what we're seeking support for: The creation of a website that is easy for us to update ourselves would be ideal (e.g. adding blogs, updating content etc). So a website builder like Squarespace or Wix could work. Currently, our website is built in WordPress: www.kiwikidsmusic.co.nz The website layout is pretty straight forward. Here's what we'd need: - Engaging home page with a downloadable song giveaway (form integrated to MailChimp autoresponders) - Image gallery on the home page (so we can proudly display our members) - Members video gallery (as a separate page) - News/Blog page (that is easy to update from our end) - Workshops page integrated to Facebook - Membership sign up (link to survey monkey) Some customised coding would be great to make our website stand out - but not essential.

Working location

We can meet over Zoom / Skype and hours are flexible. We'll work around you :)

Proposed project steps with time estimates

An initial planning meeting to discuss website goals and vision. (Late August)
Website plan along with content, photos and videos supplied to web developer (First week of Sept)
Website testing and final amendments (Late Sept)
Website live (Early Oct)

What We Have In Place

Currently, our website is built in WordPress: www.kiwikidsmusic.co.nz. We have a dedicated administration person who will go through the planning process with you and provide you with all the content and files you need.

Kiwi Kids Music
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Kiwi Kids Music is an organisation formed to nurture NZ children’s music/content creators; and to advance the potential of kiwi kids to live healthy fulfilling lives, through the support of music that’s made especially for them – their stories, their songs.
What we Do
The organisation works to provide our members personal and business development workshops; networking opportunities; financial and legal advice; and promotion via our website, social media pages and events, through which they can reach and extend their audience. In doing so we provide kiwi kids and their families local content, made specifically for them, which connects more closely to their community; engendering awareness and a sense of belonging. The music covers all genres and age groups; it entertains, informs, educates and encourages emotion and physical response; participation and fun – all crucial to an individual’s wellbeing.
Kiwi Kids Music