Business Plan Assistance Required

Business Plan Assistance Required

Business Plan Assistance Required

Estimated Time: 1 - 2 Days Over

Greenback - putting the green back and rewarding climate action. We're currently building version one of the Greenback app, supporting people to explore and interact with nature, grow seedlings and get rewarded. We're getting noticed and need to get together a polished, stand-out business plan and pitch deck together as we're hoping to secure seed funding from a variety of sources. (a lot of the core-writing is already completed)

Working location

The GridAKL is our day to day location but really flexible over remote working etc.

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Review existing material.- 1 hour
Meeting to discuss project in detail - 1 hour (remote or in person)
Complete business plan - 4 - 8 hours
Complete pitch deck - 1-2 hours

What We Have In Place

Draft business plan (downloaded template from MBIE). Needs work to look pretty and be concise.
Draft pitch deck - Downloaded from Flux Accelerator programme. Needs work to look pretty and be concise.

All and any help greatly received and thanks so much in advance, lovely people! Really keen to have a chat with anyone who might be able to help.

Our website: Facebook: @GreenbackME
Insta: @greenbacknz

Community Group
Economic Development
Financial Support
Good Cause
Support and reward climate action, showing the power of collaboration!
What we Do
Building the Fitbit of climate action, allowing you to easily measure your footprint, impact and how that all stacks up when we’re part of a team, making changes together.