Website refresh needed!

Website refresh needed!

Website refresh needed!
Karori Community Hall Trust

Estimated Time: 5 - 20 Hours Over 1 - 2 Weeks

Our existing website needs updating to reflect the new status of our project. We have been fundraising for a number of years to complete a community facility and recently were awarded funding to complete the majority of the work. Our website is potentially causing confusion with the messaging that it has on it.

Working location

can be done remotely at a time that suits you. The Trust members are most available in the evenings

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Meet with one or more of the Trustees - as soon as possible
Review current website and talk through desired result - 1 hour

You provide an estimate of how long it will take to complete.
You create new page content - Trust will provide any images or information that is needed.
We review and approve updated page
It goes live.

What We Have In Place

Existing website using squarespace
some images
a general idea of the content we want

Karori Community Hall Trust
Community Group
Our vision is to create, equip and manage, a modern future proofed multi-purpose events centre that will make Karori a more vibrant place to live and visit, now and into the future.
What we Do
Designed by Shand Shelton, specialists in theatre restoration, construction and design, the Karori Event Centre will offer exciting opportunities to attract new events and greatly increase the number and range of activities we can hold locally and in the wider Wellington region. When the fit-out is completed, we will have an event centre that can be used for music and dance performance, exhibitions, public meetings or special occasions. The Trust have been working for a number of years to secure funding to complete the Fit Out. Wellington City Council recently agreed to fund the completion of the Fit Out, with Footnote as a not-for-profit anchor tenant of the hall. The hall will remain available for community use at peak times (evenings and weekends) once complete. We are continuing to fundraise to items outside the scope of WCC funding, such as retractable seating and a sound system.