Association Chairperson and all-round Superstar needed!

Association Chairperson and all-round Superstar needed!

Association Chairperson and all-round Superstar needed!
New Zealand Tiny Home Association

Estimated Time: 48 - 72 Hours Over 1 - 12 Months

The Tiny Home movement is growing in New Zealand and we need a superstar to lead our association to the next level! You will lead and oversee the direction and purpose of association, working collaboratively to build partnerships and support association's strategic purpose and goals; oversee the management committee and represent the association at industry events - as available to do so.

Working location

Comfort of your own home!

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Carrying on the leadership of the association:
Priority 1: Strategic leadership: directs purpose and goals of association. Leads collaboratively in sourcing resources and building partnerships to support association’s strategic purpose and goals.
Priority 2:Management committee overview: coordination of committee members to support fulfillment of responsibilities and/or specialist expertise is contracted as required.
Priority 3: Association representation: communicating purpose and goals of association, advocate association at external events, be aware of industry trends/issues that are threats/opportunities to association.

New Zealand Tiny Home Association
Bay of Plenty
The Association has been created to foster innovation, promote the growth of the tiny house movement in New Zealand. We believe working together as a unified member based association, we can also lead the charge to lobby at government level for changes to existing legislation.
What we Do
Our Purpose To gather and provide information to members regarding the building of, and dwelling in, tiny houses. To promote a healthy social and political environment conducive to tiny house building and dwelling. To educate members regarding tiny house quality & safety. To network and cooperate with related government agencies, educational institutions, development organizations, and private industry to address these stated purposes. Promote the benefits of Tiny Housing’s financial, affordability incentives, environmental and compact urban and rural form advantages. Monitor central, regional and local government legislation and make representations thereon where considered necessary. Foster good fellowship and enjoyment of The Tiny House lifestyle amongst members. Promote New Zealand based tiny house related events. Publish newsletters, reports and other documents for the benefit of members. Obtain better terms in matters relating to TH ownership and operation