We need a C# Developer!

We need a C# Developer!

We need a C# Developer!
Youth In Transition

Estimated Time: 6 - 8 Hours Over 5 - 7 Days

We are a youth mental health charity, based up on Auckland’s Hibiscus Coast, and we’re looking for a Full Stack Azure developer to finish off and tweak our database. A software company based up on the North Shore developed a database for us, which we’re currently using. However due to the current state of the world, were unfortunately unable to complete it. It's a basic database developed in C# using MVC ASP.Net Core in Azure, and we have the framework, it's currently functional. However we need a few tweaks to be made and a few use cases added. Sorting lists, downloading reports, and configuring of security rights.

Working location

Flexible with engagement, but ideally you'll be able to work from your office.

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Currently, referrals, and client details can be captured. But what we have still needs a few tweaks:
• The security rights in the Active Directory
- Setting up counsellors so they can add notes, but only see clients assigned to them
• Filtering and sorting
• Export to CSV
• Client emails should be links
• Drop down bars include “,” (we haven’t had the chance to fix it)
• A couple of small bugs
• Client activities tab needs configuring

There are also a few features that we would love to have added in:
• A list of supporters and their details
• Configuring MailChimp, for monthly newsletters (this would come off the list of supporters)
• A screen for group activities, so clients can be tagged to a pizza night or beach BBQ
• Maybe a tab for booking meetings
• Maybe a tab for sending invoices

What We Have In Place

It’s a basic database that has been built using Microsoft Azure. We are able to capture referral details, of someone inquiring about YIT’s services. Plus some further details once they are accepted into the program and are then considered a client.

We have a tab for activities, although it isn’t configured. Ideally, counsellors can add a counselling session and some notes. Or a phone call to DHB and some notes. They will be able to log any time spent on a client. Being able to see where counsellors spend their time, will help with reports for future grants.

Our biggest concern is security, as it contains very sensitive data.

Youth In Transition
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Our Kids, Our Community, Our Responsibility. Helping young people find a life worth living.
What we Do
The Trust’s core service involves a programme called the “Journey Back to Awesome” which is proving to be highly successful in addressing the needs of young people who are dealing with issues such as low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation. Over the past three years we have helped hundreds of young people, aged 10-24, to get through the struggles and transition in to a life worth living.