Trademarking advisor needed!

Trademarking advisor needed!

Trademarking advisor needed!
Waste Free Wanda

Estimated Time: 2 - 5 Hours Over 1 - 2 Weeks

NZ's newest superhero Waste Free Wanda requires some guidance on the steps needed to trademark her name and logo.

Working location

Online Zoom

Proposed project steps with time estimates

A zoom meeting to understand process of achieving trademarking and possible addition meeting/s to achieve outcome of successfully trademarking.

What We Have In Place

Waste Free Wanda is branded and has obtained domain names and Both domain names currently link to where a webpage serves as a placeholder under a stand-alone Waste Free Wanda website is achieved.

Waste Free Wanda
New Zealand wide
Waste Free Wanda is an interactive stage show for primary-aged children.
What we Do
This one-woman musical gives young audiences empowering solutions on how to combat single-use plastics and protect our environment, and the confidence to implement them.