Marketing Specialist

Marketing Specialist

Marketing Specialist
Tourette's Association New Zealand

Estimated Time: 5 - 10 Hours Over 2 - 4 Weeks

We are looking to step up our marketing game and raise the profile of our organisation and cause. We are interesting in increasing our profile to promote awareness of Tourette's and increase donations to our organisation. Raising our profile would also support us in gaining corporate sponsorship which would enable us to expand our services and support more young people with Tourette's. We are fortunate that we already have professional photos, a marketing intern and an in house journalist however we are missing a crucial media strategy and some tips around implementation. If you think you could support us in any area marketing and public outreach related we would love to hear from you!

Working location

Option to either work out of our Christchurch office at 301 Tuam Street or to work virtually from anywhere around the country.

Proposed project steps with time estimates

-Meet to discuss the project
-Work together to provide any resources and information that would be helpful
-Develop a project outline together
-Create a reasonable timeline that works for your schedule
-Marketing strategy is developed
-Implementation plan is developed
-Handover process depending on your interest in on-going involvement

What We Have In Place

We have the team to continue the project once the groundwork has been set. We have an extensive collection of professional photographs captured at our events as well as YouTube videos with over five million views created by our members. Our young people with Tourette's are committed to creating content that helps to communicate what living with Tourette's is like- we just need to give them guidance as to the material that would be best for different platforms.

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Our vision has remained the same since our inception in 2013 that one day the world will be a safe and welcoming place for those living with Tourette Syndrome.
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The Tourette's Association of Aotearoa New Zealand (TANZ) has been supporting children, young people and adults living with Tourette Syndrome and chronic tic disorders since 2013. Every year, the Association supports thousands of New Zealanders as they adjust to life living with Tourette Syndrome