Ethnic Communities Digital Inclusion

Ethnic Communities Digital Inclusion

Ethnic Communities Digital Inclusion
Canterbury Somali Association (Jaaliyada Somalida)

Estimated Time: 10 - 15 Hours Over 3 - 4 Weeks

We're looking for some one to help us prepare a digital inclusiveness strategy that will form the basis of a funding application.

Working location

You can work virtually or if in Christchurch work directly with the community

Proposed project steps with time estimates

we need help to develop an outline of a digital inclusion project for the Somali community of Christchurch. which will form the basis of an application for funding.

This is a small community with a diverse range of family types and digital literacy levels. Community needs range from communication to families in the home land and around the world, social media, banking use connection with Govt agencies, online shopping, medical etc

What We Have In Place

Canterbury Somali Association (Jaaliyada Somalida)
Good Cause
To promote and protect the interests of the Somali community (Jaaliyada Somalida) who live in Canterbury .
What we Do
We provide an effective bridge between the community and the wider New Zealand community. We advocate on issues affecting the community by engaging in social and political processes, enabling families and individuals to achieve the opportunities available within New Zealand Society. We organise events and functions which mark important events in Somali culture and can provide help, advice or counsel to both individuals and groups of people in the community