Can you help us to plan our website needs?

Can you help us to plan our website needs?

Can you help us to plan our website needs?
Brake, the road safety charity

Estimated Time: 4 - 8 Hours Over 2 - 4 Weeks

We have two websites we are looking to upgrade (our organisation site and one that is for a specific event/campaign). We're looking for someone who can help us to plan what we need from our new site and what system might work best for our needs.

Working location

We are Auckland-based but anticipate that this project can be done virtually from anywhere.

Proposed project steps with time estimates

- Virtual meeting with us to ensure we are a good fit with each other and discuss the project
- Work to identify website needs and meet with us as required for us to provide you with relevant information
- Make recommendations for new website

What We Have In Place

We can meet with you and provide information as required to help achieve the goal of the project.
Visit and to get an idea of our current sites.

Brake, the road safety charity
Community Group
Social Services
New Zealand wide
Brake works to prevent road deaths and injuries and make communities safer. We also provide free support to families bereaved and injured in road crashes, helping them to work through their grief to recover from trauma.
What we Do
Brake runs initiatives to raise awareness of road safety issues and advocate for safer roads. This includes coordinating national Road Safety Week, supporting companies to reduce incidents involving at-work drivers and vehicles, providing free resources to teachers to help them to teach road safety, and supporting communities to campaign for safer roads. Brake provides free support resources for adults and children who have been bereaved and injured in road crashes.