Reduce drug harms through web development!

Reduce drug harms through web development!

Reduce drug harms through web development!

Estimated Time: 4 - 10 Days Over 1 - 4 Months

We're great at harm reduction but less so at web development. KnowYourStuffNZ is Aotearoa's first legal drug checking service that pioneered the permanent law change in 2021. Our website is one of the main ways that we communicate with our clients about upcoming drug checking clinics, harm reduction education, and it hosts our Pill Library which gets over 115,000 visitors per year, including internationally. Unfortunately the webpage is an old Wordpress site we set up in 2014. We desperately need a website fit for the 21st century 1) better communicate with our clients, and 2) make us look professional for our funders. Deliverables such as: decide on platform to migrate to; migrate site; design site to improve functionality of pill library, reports and data visualization; improve calendar view and search functions; built portal for future merch sales; improve blog and storytelling capabilities. Or anywhere in between. We already have amazing content, it just needs a new home!

Working location

Our management team are based in Hamilton, Whanganui, and Wellington, and could meet you in person if you'd like. We have contractors working all hours so are very flexible on timing.

Proposed project steps with time estimates

1) Initial meeting to scope new webpage needs and user journey
2) Decide on new hosting platform
3) Financial estimate for ongoing costs
4) Platform development
5) Content migration
6) Function migration and design:
6a. Airtable calendar plugin
6b. ShinyApp plugin
6c. Donation (Stripe) plugin
6d. Airtable Pill Library plugin
7) Test and refine
8) Handover to KYSNZ admin

I am not a web dev and probably would estimate the time required an embarrassing factor off.

What We Have In Place

Our website:
We have a great content writer so there is no need for drafting copy, just moving it over (or improving it, if we stick with Wordpress)

We have a few experienced data nerds on the team who could assist in various ways (they host the ShinyApp, Airtable databases etc)

KnowYourStuffNZ’s goal is to reduce and prevent the harms caused by drugs in New Zealand by providing information and advice, including carrying out drug testing and advocating for an evidence-based harm reduction approach to drug policy
What we Do
We provide free, confidential, and legal drug checking services at city clinics and events across the country. We also do significant amounts outreach and education relating to drug harm reduction and advocate for improved, compassionate and health-based drug policy.